Welcome to our family and welcome to Aquidneck Honey, where Nature’s sweetness has been our specialty since 1996. The original owner Jeff’s love for bee’s began Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Aquidneck Island (Newport, Portsmouth and Middletown). His journey began with a passion for crafting pure, golden honey that captures the essence of nature’s bounty. Our Founder, better known as Jeff the bee guy or the honey man, has remained dedicated to upholding the timeless traditions of beekeeping while embracing innovation to deliver the finest quality honey to our customers. Many of you know Jeff and have come to love him and Aquidneck Honey over the last 28 years. Like many of you we were loyal customers of Jeff’s for many years. When Jeff offered to sell us Aquidneck and bestow upon us all of his accumulated bee and honey knowledge, teach us how to run and operate the business we have come to love, it was an honor we could not refuse.

Aquidneck Honey Origins and History:

Jeff has decided to step down from the retail side of the business and focus his energies on bee keeping, his true passion. My family has purchased Aquidneck Honey from Jeff, a great local business he has built from the ground up. We know we have very big shoes to fill. We promise to continue delivering the best local honey you have come to know and enjoy over the years. We promise to deliver the same quality, honey and personal customer service Jeff offered with pride. The only changes you will notice is different smiling faces delivering your honey, greeting you at your new local pickup location (158 Sycamore Lane, Westport MA), selling at Farmers Markets around the area, and answering your questions via email or over the phone. We promise to uphold all the quality and traditions that Jeff has provided to the community and beyond over his time as Owner of this great little company.

Aquidneck’s New Owners:

As of 2024 my cousin Mark and I have taken over the business with the help of our spouses Diana and Angie. We promise we will continue to execute on the original vision, allowing Jeff to retire, from Aquidneck, and follow his true passion bee keeping. As a small family-owned and operated business, we cherish the relationships we’ve cultivated with our local community and beyond. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking the perfect honey for your culinary creations or simply looking to sweeten your day, we invite you to experience the pure, unadulterated goodness of Aquidneck Honey. Join us on this journey that celebrates the timeless allure of honey, rooted in the rich heritage of Aquidneck Honey.

Our Honey:

As you know our honey is a proprietary blend sourced from several local bee keepers from right here in the New England area (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and of course Rhode Island). Jeff worked on his blended honey for over a decade to make the consistency, quality and taste just right. Some of you already know of the unique and amazing taste of Aquidneck honey, that will not change. Jeff has given us the recipe and we will continue to make Aquidneck honey in the same traditions and quality you have come to know and love.

For our new customers, we sell pure, raw, unfiltered honey. No additives. No preservatives. Not pasteurized. Our honey is so pure you may notice it will crystallize more quickly than store bought honey. That is a testament to how truly pure it is. If your honey does crystallize don’t worry, it’s natural.

Our honey is great for cooking. Or as a condiment for your favorite food. Aquidneck honey has been used in restaurants throughout New England for years.

If you are new to our company please give us a chance to prove to you why our customers continue to come back year after year.

Our Promise:

Aquidneck honey is dedicated to provide the best top quality and tasting honey products around. We are a local, family owned small business who takes pride in providing top shelf honey products, backed up by 5 star customer service. Whether you are a neighbor, online shopper, local business or someone who discovers us at a farmers market we welcome you to say hi and check out our many products. Aquidneck Honey is now proudly run by cousins Mark and Nick. We appreciate all your continued patronage and ask that you give us a chance to prove to you Aquidneck Honey is as good as ever.