Wicked Hot Honey 1LB **WARNING EXTREMELY HOT** (Ghost Pepper Infused)


1LB of our dangerously hot small batch honey. Includes a dried ghost pepper in every bottle. If the honey is not hot enough for you leave that ghost pepper in their and the heat will increase with time. This product is not for the casual hot and spicy consumer, this is for the folks out there that like it when their eyes water from the heat.

Product Description

You asked for it and we created it! For months we have been tinkering away in our honey lab and we have finally produced a dangerously hot and super delicious Hot Honey. Made from the hottest ghost peppers we could find, and infusing them into our plain honey for a long long time, carefully monitoring the hotness until it was just right. We have also included a single dried ghost pepper in every bottle. The longer you leave the pepper in the bottle the hotter the honey will become! This hot honey is unlike anything else on the market.

**Please be careful when you first try this honey, it is dangerously hot, but we promise if you can take the heat you will enjoy the sweet!**

Sweet and Fire in every bottle. Get them while supplies last. Each bottle is filled from a small batch. The batches take time to perfect, so we may not always have this honey in stock.